The passion of Spain and the seductiveness of Africa entangled in a tropical paradise. Hemingway said that is why he loved Cuba. If you collect Cuban stamps you are probably familiar with the feeling. If you don't, I invite you to explore the site. Live the history of a country through its philatelic legacy. Feel the native Taino, the Spaniard, the African, the colonial splendor, the patriotic fervor, the warmth of a flag, the sweetness of sugar, the aroma of tobacco, the taste of black coffee, the cadence of the rumba beat, the royalty of palms, the sweet scent of jasmine in the evening, the laziness of sandy beaches, the pride of a world chess champion and scientific achievers, the pulse of commerce and civic duty, and the glory of a once thriving capital.

Jose Marti said that the perfect life for a romantic patriot is as an exile. One remembers with melancholy the good things about your country and not the bad ones. Stamps are a wonderful fuel to ignite an exile's patriotic soul. They are also a wonderful treasure to leave behind to children and grandchildren.

I was born in Cardenas, Cuba, a historical sugar port better known for Varadero, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Late in 1959 when the revolution's true goals became obvious, the counter-revolution began. The streets became a little unsafe. My friends and I had to find activities to keep us busy indoors during the evenings. Chess, ping pong, and stamp collecting came to the rescue. Since then, stamps have been a constant and influential part of my life. I collect Cuba up to 1964, "firsts" and other topicals. I retired in 2001 and soon after began selling stamps on eBay, which I still do every week. In order to display the high volume of Cuban material I have accumulated during the past 30 years, I decided to create this site.

My father had a clothing store in Cardenas, "La Casa Pascual". He had a motto for his business, "Cada Cliente un Amigo", each client a friend. That is what I was taught as a child and I take pleasure in continuing the tradition. I hold an impeccable eBay record after 4,000 transactions. You can check it out under seller "ilausa". You will find the same quality of items and service in this site. We have enjoyed the frienship of many clients since opening this site in May of 2005.

For those of you whose visit to the site is of a curious nostalgia or historical interest, click on the Gallery link above. You will see chronologically Cuba's stamps from 1855 to 1960. Hopefully this site will also serve as a place of reference and nostalgic indulgence.

If you visit Key West come by the San Carlos Institute. We have a permanent stamp exhibit of Cuba colonials, republic, FDCs and Puerto Rico colonials. The San Carlos is located on 516 Duval Street and is open Friday to Sunday 12:00PM to 6:00PM. Admission is free.

Welcome. Bienvenido.

Alejandro F. Pascual

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