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Cuba 1-4 1855
The first issue of Cuba and Puerto Rico as colonies of Spain. Queen Isabella II. Imperforated.CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. details
Cuba 458-461, C41-C43 , E13 1951
Cuban flag 100th. anniversary. Full issue. Narciso Lopez lands in Cardenas. details
United States 1898
Postcard made from 1898 Los Angeles Herald article. Cuban patriots. Size 4 by 5 half inches. details
Cuba 473, C50 1952
Isabel la Catolica perforated souvenir sheet (C50a) on Lily first day cover . Cacheted on back. details
200 different Cuban stamps from Colonial and Republic years 1857-1958.Great for gift to a child. details
Cuba C149 1956
Caridad del Cobre and El Cobre sanctuary souvenir sheet. details
United Kingdom 1 1840
First stamp of Great Britain. First in the world. One Penny Black. Queen Victoria. details
Cuba 519-528 1954
The full small patriots portraits issue . details

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